Thursday, July 12, 2007

My pokémons

I want only pokémons that must LOOK legit.

Take more than one of my pokémon .

My pokémons:

I can put pokérus on them if you want.

Rayquaza ( Dragonfly) only for good trade!
Hacked deoxys lv.6 ( not by me)

any starters
of any regions
almost all pokémon 's first evolution.
all fossils pokémons , limited quantity.
______Unlimited phione!
______Unlimited eevee!
I have some power item too , def one and sp.atk one.
I have a lot of thunderstone and firestones.
I have a lot of PP up .

I have a breeding center!!!
I can give you almost all pokémon that can breed ( first evo ) , just ask.
For detail go HERE